Fongaro embodies the Spumanti Metodo Classico technique, made using organically farmed and certified Durella grapes: we decided to concentrate all our efforts entirely on this unique style. We chose to focus on this method because our goal is to give you the highest possible quality, to produce a sparkling wine that is, in every way, perfect. One style, six variants: discover our labels below; consult the technical sheets, one for each wine.

Choose your Fongaro Spumante wine


A fresh, citrus and mineral sparkling wine. Perfect in accompaniment with aperitifs such as seafood and freshwater fish dishes as well as soft and medium mature cheeses.

Gran Cuvée

Sparkling wine with a strong personality, it has a savoury and strong flavour. Try it with a radicchio risotto, a Monte Veronese cheese, with a Bourguignonne fondue or with any cheese fondue.


Dry as the name suggests, it is also soft and velvety. Some of the most appreciated pairings include gnocchi, porcini mushroom stew or rabbit alla cacciatora.

Riserva Brut

Elegant and with consistent bubbles, discernable aromas include citrus and dried fruit. It has a dry and full flavour that goes well with pieces of buffalo mozzarella and smoked salmon.

Pas Dosé

Made only with Durella grapes: is young, lively and balanced all at the same time. Excellent as an aperitif to accompany raw Parma cheese or soft cow’s milk cheese.

Riserva Pas Dosé

Strong hints of fresh pastries both in aroma and taste. This sparkling wine is enhanced by the sweetness of Chantilly cream cakes or the particular flavour found in seafood such as scallops.

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