Fongaro = Spumante

Metodo Classico

We produce Spumante Metodo Classico exclusively: traditional method par excellence. This means that our wines get their lively bubbles thanks to a second fermentation in-bottle, instead of in autoclave. It also means that Fongaro Spumante wine is a high-quality product due to this second fermentation which gives it a unique complexity, elegance in colour, aroma, and persistence.

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Our Spumante Metodo Classico wine also perfectly embodies the concepts of patience and craftsmanship. We wait for our vines to give us their bunches, taking care of them with great passion. We then pick the grapes by hand and transport them in boxes to their cooling cells where they are left for a period prior to pressing. Our wines remain on the lees for a total of 60 to 108 months. While the world outside rushes by, life slows down in the cellar, moving in tune with the quiet but profound transformation that takes place inside our bottles.


The Durella grape is the soul of Fongaro Spumante wines. The project to produce Metodo Classico bubbles from this grape variety began in the late 1960s, finally giving deserved importance to a grape that, until then, had only been used to produce blended wine or had been relegated to domestic use. Even today, our wines are still largely the result of purely manual work: consider that, on average, each of our bottles is touched, picked up and moved by human hands at least 40 times before leaving the cellar. Consult our range of wines, now composed of six labels… all strictly Metodo Classico!

Fongaro = Durella

Roots are life. This refers to our vines, as well as our winery. We have chosen to celebrate our roots by dedicating body and soul to the cultivation of our local native grape variety, Durella. We are located in the hills between the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, in the area of the Lessini Mountains. It is here that the Durella grape has grown and gained fame over the centuries. It is here that we keep alive our traditions today, in every bottle of Spumante Metodo Classico wine.

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The name of the vine, “Durella,” reveals the main characteristics of its grapes. They are “durelle” in that they are consistent, vigorous, and robust. The berries are firm thanks to a thick, leathery skin. Grown in volcanic soils, they have high acidity, are rich in minerals, and are exceptionally resistant to disease. You will find all of these attributes present in Fongaro Spumante wines, enhanced by the spumante winemaking technique, the traditional Metodo Classico.


Durella is the name of the vine while Durello is the name of the wine. Like the grape from which it is produced, Durello is a flavorful wine with marked acidity. These elements are strengths, enhancing longevity and keeping the wine lively, even after a long aging period. For this reason, Durella is an excellent base for spumante winemaking in the Metodo Classico style. While Durello is already well-known in and around Lessinia, our goal is to make it known throughout the world… starting with you. Contact us! We can’t wait to welcome you to the winery and share our story with you.

"There's more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in any book in the world."


"Wine is a living liquid. If you treat it without a soft touch, it gets sick and dies."


"Wine is a concentration of territory, culture, lifestyle."


Our wines

Our wines

If you have a wine shop or restaurant and want advice on our wines, contact us. One of our experts will answer your questions.

Fongaro = Lessinia

First and foremost, Cantina Fongaro’s legacy is imbued by a love for its territory, the land that sustains us and allows us to thrive: Lessinia. The Fongaro Winery was created with the desire to live in, enjoy, and bring life to this area. We are located in Roncà, a small town in Val d’Alpone, the easternmost valley in the province of Verona. The valley makes up part of the Lessinia Natural Park and is included in the area covered by the Monti Lessini DOC denomination.

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The Regional Natural Park of Lessinia was created in 1990 with the aim of protecting the great naturalistic and historical heritage of the territory. It covers over 10,000 hectares on the Lessini Mountain plateau, between the slopes of the Little Dolomites, the city of Verona and Mount Baldo. We are therefore located in a protected, hilly area, characterized by a humid and temperate climate and moderately deep soils. This is an ideal environment for the cultivation of the Durella vine and for the production of Spumante Metodo Classico wine.


The Val d’Alpone has a particularly unique morphology, with soils of volcanic origin that leave a deep, flavorful, mineral imprint on Fongaro Spumante wines. The entire ecosystem of the Val d’Alpone contributes to the character and quality of our wines. Here, the many plant species, insects, and indigenous microorganisms represent an incredible biodiversity. Learn more about what our territory has to offer and discover what to expect should you come and visit.

I nostri vini

If you have a wine shop or restaurant and want advice on our wines, contact us. One of our experts will answer your questions.

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Fongaro = Organic

By choosing organic we have taken a clear stance to combat climate change, to protect the environment and to preserve the health of organisms. Our organic spumante wine respects a development model that is completely different from its conventional counterpart. In its production, there are two main prerogatives: the total absence of chemicals and respect for natural life cycles.

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Essentially, a wine is organic if it comes from grapes that have not been chemically treated and if, during vinification, only organic oenological products have been used. Fongaro Spumante wines not only respect these guidelines, but are also certified. Organic certification guarantees the entire production process of a wine. In order to maintain the high-quality standard of our Spumante Metodo Classico wines, we gladly submit ourselves to continuous and strict controls by the overseeing bodies, which ensure that our spumante wines are produced in compliance with legal obligations.


Cantina Fongaro was the first organic winery in the Veneto region. This approach to cultivation fully expresses our respect and love for the land, sentiments that guide all our choices. Our vines are cared for in the total absence of synthetic agents: we do not use herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or pesticides. Every activity carried out in the vineyard and in the cellar is aimed at reducing our environmental impact. We cannot be invisible, but we are committed to preserving soil fertility, maintaining the right balance between soil, plants and climate on a daily basis.

Fongaro = passion for the land and its history