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Durella for 80-85%. Incrocio Manzoni grapes make up the remaining 15-20%. Durella is a very ancient autochthonous grape variety from the Veneto region, cultivated on soils rich in minerals. A typical variety of the Lessini Mountains, it is found on the hills between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona and is capable of creating wines with remarkable acidity, lending itself well to Metodo Classico sparkling wine. Incrocio Manzoni is an interesting variety, a cross between Rhine Riesling and Pinot Bianco, with rather herbaceous hints, it was developed by Prof. Manzoni in Conegliano (TV) in the mid 1920s.


The Lessini Mountains in the north east hills of Verona.


Short Veronese Tendone.


Volcanic origin.


From the end of August. The grapes are harvested by hand and transported in boxes. The boxes are then placed in the cellar, cooling the grapes before pressing.


Soft pressing occurs at a temperature between 10-12°C. The first fermentation takes place in thermo-controlled tanks, here, the temperature can range from 15-18°C. In May the wine then undergoes second fermentation using its own yeasts.


Occurring on its own yeasts in the bottle, the fermentation period is no less than 48 months. Remuage sûr pupitres: once the fermentation process is complete, the bottles are taken from their stacks and placed inverted in the pupitres and then turned by hand every day for about 30 days, after which they are then disgorged.





12,50% vol.


Deep straw yellow with bright, luminous reflections.


Soft foam with a fine, elegant and persistent perlage that immediately entices the taste buds.


Intense, characterised by a fine and delicate minerality, expertly accompanied by notes of bread crust, candied fruit and pleasant nuances of vanilla. The citrus and mandarin peel notes give it complexity and balance.


Vibrant and extremely fresh, moving into citrus notes of yellow grapefruit and mandarin. The taste profile reveals minerality as a common thread and the agile and structured body gives it a rich and satisfying flavour. There is a long and savoury finish.

Food pairing

An aperitif wine, it can accompany sushi dishes, freshwater fish, medium-aged soft cheeses and fish-based main courses.

Serving temperature

Ideally served at 4-6° C in a flûte when enjoying it as an aperitif; in a glass to enhance all its characteristics.


Bottles: Champagnotta 0,75 Lt
Box: 6 bottles


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